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    Just because it's a high Carb day it doesn't mean you get to indulge and eat whatever you want. If your consistently tracking what you eat all you need to do is add 100 grams of carbs throughout your meals. More pre and post training but make the Extra carbs the same food what your eating now except more! Your body will stay in fat burning mode if this is done correctly. Do it every 5-7 days!

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    Also a good rule of thumb is if you are going to go in on carbs, at the LEAST try to keep carbs under 80g per cheat dose, and get it with 40g of protein or more.


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      Its a new day with a new tip! The Daily Diesel Tip for nutrition today is......DRINK BCAAS!! Drink them all day long. There has been numerous studies down by many well know people and the evidence is in fact that BCAAS are one of the leading supplements for repair, endurance, and growth! I actually put about 4-6 scoops in a gallon jug and drink it all day. It keeps me anabolic and it also helps me down my water!